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Worrying about results of work? || Acharya Prashant (2019)
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Questioner: Acharya Ji, what does it mean when you say, “Do not worry about the results”?

Acharya Prashant: Satyam (the questioner), when I say, “Do not bother about the results,” I am saying that with the condition that you are already, assuredly, doing the right thing.

I say, “Do the right thing, and do not bother about the result.”

I am saying, “Do the right thing, and do not bother about the results.”

But to those, who are not doing the right things, I say, “Look at the results of your actions.”

Jesus very clearly says, “A tree is known by the fruits it has.” You might be thinking that you are doing something selflessly. But how much do you know yourself? You are assuming that you are doing something selflessly, that your action is right. That is your assumption. It is needed that you must check this assumption, is it not?

Do you not want to enquire about the veracity of your assumption? And how do you enquire into your assumption? By seeing what actions are leading to.

Are you getting it?

‘Do the right thing, and forget about the result’ – is the utmost and final condition.

‘Do the right thing, and forget about the result’- that condition is possible only to someone, who is already liberated of the future.

But those who are not liberated, those who have even an iota of doubt about the center from where their actions are arising, must use the results of the action, to know the source of the action.

The source of the action, and the result of the action, correspond with each other. If the action comes from the center of Holiness, then the results are bound to be ‘Holy’. If the actions come from the center of Nothingness, then the results are bound to be ‘Nothing’. Similarly, if the actions come from the center of vice, or deception, then the results are bound to be distressing.

You can deceive yourself about the source of your action because only you know the source of your action. You are the declaring authority, and you can declare anything. You can commit the foulest of crimes, and say that this is being done with a holy purpose.

In fact, the foulest of crimes, have been mostly committed, citing holy purpose only. And it cannot be cross-verified. Nobody can peep into your interiors, and prove to you that you are operating from a wicked center. It cannot be demonstrated, because it is an internal thing, right?

What is it, however, that can be demonstrated, rather that which is not going to remain hidden? The results. So look at the results. Even if you have successfully deceived yourself about the source of your action, the results will demonstrate to you, what the real source of your action was.

An action which has led to peacelessness, could not have come from the right source. An action that leads to lovelessness, has definitely come from a loveless center.

So, do mind the results. The results will tell you where you are standing right now. Much later will you come to a point, from where you will not need to bother about the results.

That is Liberation!

Then you just are doing what the Heart commands. And the Heart knows no future. You are fully and firmly, settled in the Heart, so you too know no future.

But look at your current condition. Right now, are you someone who knows no future? No. Right now, you are not there.

So, do mind the results.

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