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Women like burly guys || Neem Candies
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Women like burly guys—and why do they like burly, big, and muscular guys? Because they are likely to have higher levels of testosterone. Unless you have testosterone, you cannot build muscles; you know that, right? And that is why you cannot build muscles, let’s say, after fifty or sixty. It’s very difficult. Salman Khan is likely to lose his muscles now—he has crossed fifty—because his testosterone levels are now dropping.

If you have big muscles using testosterone, then it’s a good sign for your ability to reproduce. And that’s why women are trained to have a soft corner, or let’s say, a hard corner for big biceps. They think that it’s the big biceps that attract them. What they don’t understand is that Prakriti (physical nature) is using them to find someone who is more likely to have a high sperm count.

That’s what you call as love—a girl looking for a boy with a high sperm count.

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