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With trembling hands || Neem Candies
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You’re asking me, “Is it possible to act rightly with trembling hands?” I am saying, you can act rightly only with trembling hands.

One unmistakable quality of right action would be that it would require all your guts. It is only false action that you can comfortably undertake. Falseness is never troublesome; Truth always is. Whenever you would be doing something that would be real, you would know it by the discomfort it would cause to you. Whenever you will do something that is worthwhile, it would be characterized by a shakeup, a tumult in your life.

So, just because something makes you uneasy, do not drop it. More often than not, unease is a sign of the approach of Truth. And just because there is something you can comfortably do, don’t continue with it. Chances are your comfort is a false and harmful comfort.

There is nobody, I am assuring you, who has had it easy. Drop the superhero myths. Even they had it as difficult as you have.

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