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Who is the right person for marriage? || Neem Candies
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You already have enough troubles, right? We don’t want to invite another trouble into your house, into your bedroom, do you? But yes, if someone can bring joy and Truth to you, invite them right into your heart, and then marriage is inconsequential. With the right person, you marry—wonderful! You don’t marry—wonderful! And with the wrong person, you marry—bad luck! You don’t marry—bad luck!

What do you think? Only married people have troubles? You might be single, you might be a bachelor, and still you may have very bad company, and then you are equally troubled as a husband, as a wife is.

It is not a matter of being in that institution. The question is, what brings you into that institution? Look around, see why people marry. Do they marry because it is an affirmation of their divine love? Is that how it happens? Seriously?

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