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Where does my money go? || Neem Candies
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What else do you earn for? Pay to the schools, pay to the hospitals. You can avoid spending anywhere else, but these two places you will not only always spend, you will always overspend.

A fully grown-up man’s apparels are only as expensive as the apparels of a two-month-old, and you will not be able to question it. It’s a matter of love, you know. Don’t you love your child? You are being looted in broad daylight in the name of kid’s fees, and you will not be able to question it. Don’t you love your child?

Same with the doctor. It doesn’t matter who you are; if he says twenty lakhs, twenty lakhs is twenty lakhs. You don’t argue with him because he is hitting you where it hurts the most: “This body should continue, and more bodies should keep coming.”

Your real work is not to fill and bloat your bank account for the sake of your physical security and physical continuation. Life should either be a great rhapsody in love, or it is otherwise just a spell of irritating noise; then you are needlessly living.

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