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What is Spirituality?
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Question: Sir, what is spirituality?

Answer: ‘Spirit’ means essence or reality. To be spiritual means to know the facts, to live in Truth.

To not to know and live blindly is stupidity.

So, being spiritual is simply about not being stupid.

Spirituality is not at all organised religion. It is not about customs or rituals or beliefs. Spirituality is an awakened state of mind in which the mind really understands.

So, mind has only two options: spirituality or stupidity🐵

Question: Sir, can spirituality and stupidity stay together?

Answer: Ever seen light and darkness together?

The mind- when connected to its essence- can never be stupid.

The mind when conditioned and away from origin (essence), is bound to be stupid.

No exception is possible.

Good news: Because spirituality is intelligence, it is supercool to be spiritual.

Only a spiritual man really lives, loves and enjoys. Others die without living.


Question: Sir, I have seen so many miracles in my life. Most of them happened when I needed them and I prayed to God. But science says that there is no God. I disagree with this. Does God exist?

Answer: Science has never said that God doesn’t exist. Science is too small to say anything about God.

Science deals only with that which is perceptible to the senses, or that which the mind can think of.

For example, science will talk about the pendulum. But science will never talk about the man who is observing the pendulum. Science knows only about objects, it knows nothing about consciousness.

In that sense, science is quite blind.

There are a couple of blog or video links about science, religion and God.

Question: Many scientists have also said that God does not exist.

Answer: ‘What’ exactly did not exist?

If I say X does not exist, first of all X must be something that is within the domain of existing or non-existing? Only objects exist and cease to exist.

Without knowing X, who can say anything about X?

The very definition of science is that science is a study of objects. God, by definition, is not an object. So, no scientist can say anything about God.

There is the scientist and the pendulum.

Take the pendulum, the scientist and the process of scientific knowledge together. These three are all dependent upon each other. Surely these three need to have an independent foundation as well. God is the name given to that independent foundation, base.

-Based on my interactions on various e-forums.

Dated: 3rd December,’14

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