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What is real enquiry?
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Question: Dear Sir,

People, in general, have the tendency to believe what they see or what they have listened to the most. ‘Normal’ is the standard which most people follow. Surely, we need a clear mind which is not attached or wanting security.

Does the understanding of truth come after we doubt what we see or what we hear? Is it seeing to believing or seeing beyond what we see?

Answer: Ankita,

As we are, we carry a lot of beliefs.

Remaining what we are, how will we doubt or question our beliefs?

This is one of the basic mistakes: to think that we are capable or doubting or enquiring, remaining what we are.

People like the idea of doubting – it pleases the ego- so they quickly switch to the suspicion mode.

Doubting creates walls, it increases separation. One becomes more of what he is, and only the ego gets strengthened.

In this kind of doubting, one talks the language of right and wrong.

This kind of doubting is violent. It is useless.What, then, is real enquiry?

Real enquiry does not begin with the other. It is not about doubting or suspicion.

Real enquiry is having the guts to come close. This courage arises from an innate faith that ‘I cannot loose anything, let me proceed. Let me be vulnerable’.

One enquires to know, and knowing requires closeness.

One is not trying to label ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

One is not seeing things from his perspective, one is not intent on remaining what he is.

One is prepared to leave the high seat of the ego, and go close.

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