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What is passionate living? To sit in a movie theatre as you sit in Satsang|| Acharya Prashant (2016)
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Listener: It is disappointing to see that the way I sit in your session and in a movie theatre is predetermined and hence conditioned. And that affects the learning.

Acharya Prashant: And then your learning would remain incomplete because a movie has as much to teach as a session like this. How will I speak in this session if I don’t watch movies with attention? I can speak here, in the same way, I watch movies. I speak here in the same way as I am when I am playing with you, or sharing a joke or performing in a play or just shouting at someone.

If you divide, if you say, ‘No, this one is a more serious, holy occasion. It has to be kept on the holy pedestal’, then you are missing out on something which is very important, which is the wholeness of life, which is the oneness of life.

Watch movies the same way, you listen to me here. That is called the passionate living; that is called an intense living. Be intense. Be total, not selectively; be total, totally.

We all decide to be intense only on special occasion. No, be total and be total totally. Then you have removed time because time exists only when you divide, classified and make distinctions. When you are intense always even on the commode then time is gone because now there is no distinction. What will time do? 8 o’clock you are intense, 9 o’clock you are intense, 10 o’clock you are passionate, 11 o’clock you are passionate. Now, what is the significance of time? It doesn’t matter what is the time. Now you have gone beyond yourself, gone into timelessness.

We don’t usually relate spirituality to commodes – that is the problem. We keep saying, everything is God but everything disappears when it comes to commodes. We must talk of commodes, they are terribly important. Are they not? You will realize that when you don’t get one.

L1: I think time works in the form of events.

AP: Yes, special events.

Events will be there but if all events are equally special then time is no more there.

You remember what Dattatreya was saying?

* “Kim rodishi maamsi sarv samam.” ( * All is the same)

And by that, he means all is nothing, so nothing special. All events, yes events are happening but all are just the same, nothing special about anything of them. Now, there is no more time. Now you have moved into timeless Truth. That’s what is called as passionate living and passionate living has nothing to do with the outburst of energy. That you are bursting out, when on a commode. That’s not passion.


Passion is a very silent thing; an intensity which is visible only when you look into the eyes. It is not there in the loudness of voice. It is there in the fire behind the eyes.


You will be confused only when you will compare. Otherwise, what has been said is so simple and direct that it can’t make you heavy. But if you want to integrate it with your existing knowledge, then you will feel a lot of confusion because it can’t be integrated with whatever you know. So don’t even try. What have I said is not compatible with what you might have heard so far. This is not a part of knowledge. Don’t try to get some kind of a compromise, a union. That is not possible.

See that is the whole problem: When the Truth comes, it says I am not compatible with falseness. Which means that either you can keep falseness or take Truth. Which means either you keeps the whole world or goes with the Truth. Now it depends on you, what do you want to keep? The whole world or Truth.

L1: Basically want to have everything.

AP: Yes. And when you want to have everything, what will you do? You will distort the Truth so it will fit the world. World, you can’t give up. Truth, you are tempted to keep, so what do you do?

You disfigure the Truth so that it fits into the world.

That’s what happens in the name of spirituality

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