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Well-wisher or enemy? || Neem Candies
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Acharya Prashant
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If you move towards greatness or aspire for it and that hurts the people around you, that only means that the people around you are insistent on remaining small. Further, it also means that the people around you do not love you at all. Not only do they not love you, they are actually actively vicious towards you. Not only do they not want to accompany you to the right place, but they want to actually stop you from moving in that direction.

In love, you want the best for the other one without caring for yourself, right? And if someone close to you is moving towards liberation, and you start feeling hurt or shedding tears, then it only means that you are probably that person’s worst enemy. Who else can be called an enemy? The one who wants to keep you in bondage.

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