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Time spent joyfully is not at all wasted time
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Question: Sir, many a times it happens that we ask a question to ourselves and then we are also able to answer it on our own. Moreover, this is what forms the basis of so many assumptions that we take. Is this an appropriate method or should verification also be done?

Answer: Verification is valid and sometimes useful when it comes to objects.

Verification is an act of mind and must be applied only to that which is a product of mind. Things, objects, events, facts can be verified. In the domain of mental space-time world, verification helps to separate imagination from facts. Here, one knows by being a little separate, detached from the object of verification. Like in science.

But never apply verification to that which is beyond the mind. Facts can be verified, Truth cannot. Love, Joy, Freedom – these cannot be objects of mental verification. Here one knows by being the Truth. Verification requires distance. Knowing requires closeness.

We make two mistakes at two extremes:

  1. Blindly believing without verifying facts. This keeps us trapped in imaginations and superstitions and facts are not discovered. Without facts, one cannot rise to the Truth.
  2. We become so suspicious and arrogant that we apply the mental tool of verification even to the essence of life. We start demanding proofs of Love and Truth. We start mocking Faith.

Do not commit any of these mistakes. Vivek- discretion – means you should know what is what, and where to draw the line.


Question: What do we mean by ‘wastage of time’?

Answer: Is it not so that we have been trained to be productive? And productivity means profit, consumption, accumulation. The whole game of what is commonly called ‘progress’. Greed.

Whenever one is not greedy, not productive, he is said to be ‘wasting his time’. Compulsive greed and hysterical urge to accomplish, this is the foundation of our institutions and conditioning.

Time spent joyfully is not at all wasted time. It does not matter whether or not some profit came from it. Joy is enough.

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Question: Sir, how is attraction different from distraction?

Answer: Event A. One is attracted towards a person or a thing or an idea

Event B. One calls the attraction as ‘distraction’. And does not want thought A.

Are not events A and B both coming from the same mind? Fragments(parts) of the same mind, conditioned by different forces. One force wants you to get attracted. The other force says , ‘No, no! It is bad and immoral to get attracted’.

Sometimes force A wins. Sometimes force B wins.When A wins, you lose.When B wins, you lose.

Can you be free? Can you see the origin of both A and B?

Neither A nor B is good for you. In the clarity of realisation, in freedom from conditioning, whatever you do is good for you.

-Based on my interactions on various e-media.

Dated: 5th January,’15

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