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The teacher is not needed? Really? || Neem Candies

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Acharya Prashant

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All the trauma that you experience on a daily basis, that you happily call as life. All the nonsense you remain mired in, that you happily call as life. Your interactions and your relationships with all the foolish and unworthy and mediocre people, that you will gladly accept as life. You will say, “Life brought me in contact with this girl and I just fell for her,” and you willingly say that was life.

So, life can bring you in contact with a girl, and that is life. But if life brings you in contact with the teacher, that is not life; that you take as something outside of life. I just fail to understand this. People say, “I will not learn from the teacher; I will learn from life.” Is the teacher situated in some other dimensions, some other universe, or some other planet? How is the teacher not a part of your life?

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