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The right purpose of the Teacher's words || (2016)
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Questioner: Sir, for the past three years, I am reading your books and I have interpreted some meanings of them. But from the past three years, my meanings have changed, means it depends on my state of mind like to what extent I am grasping the explanation.

Acharya Prashant: You are waiting for the right decision and you are saying that "If I take a decision, it must be the final one and the right one" — this is arrogance.

You can only decide as per your limited condition. So be surrendered, be truthful and then whatever is the decision that comes as right to you, execute it; don’t wait.

Time is a deception.

The meanings of any word that has been uttered from sincerity would surely change. The meaning would change not because the word has changed or the word is ambiguous, the meaning would change because that is exactly what the word is intended to do. The word is intended to change the reader and if the reader has changed, if the reader is changing because of reading the word, then the meaning of the word too would appear changed to the reader. It only means that the word is successful in doing what it was meant to do.

That is what a Mantra does — it purifies you. When it purifies you, the meaning of the Mantra too keeps changing. Ultimately, the Mantra dissolves. Ultimately, those words will dissolve. Like the sound of OM — that starts as a sound and then disappears into nothing.

So, if you are reading some of what I have said and it appears to have different meanings as time is passing, it only means that probably you have read with some sincerity. Keep reading and don’t wait for some ultimate final correct meaning.

There is no correct meaning; there is only a correct purpose.

And the correct purpose is your own reformation.

Are you getting it?

These words, what we are talking right now, have no correct meaning at all. There is no message here. There is nothing to be communicated here. This is more of — it is not the quite right word but let me just say — a therapy.

Are you getting it?

By itself, it means nothing. There is nothing here. So don’t wait for one final meaning to emerge. Even right now what I am saying would have different meanings for different minds.

Whatever is the meaning that comes to you in your sincerity is the right meaning for you. Are you getting it? Don’t compare your interpretation with the other’s interpretation. No interpretation is right, but at the same time, you cannot help interpreting, given, your current situation.

So, in the maximum sincerity that is possible to you, whatever meaning comes to you is the right meaning. No meaning is the right meaning. I am sorry if I have to say things that appear contradictory. While I am saying that, none of the meanings that you have is the right meaning. At the same time, I am also saying that whatever is your own personal version of the meaning is perfect for you and abide by that.

Only that will help you.

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