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The question of sensitivity
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Questioner: Dear Sir,

My silly questions aside, I wanted to know your perspective on this one issue:

How can a sensitive man survive in the world as it is? I mean, an artist, or for that matter, anyone who draws from the springs of his inner depths will be sensitive.

Does the sensitive man become ‘hard’ with the world and then does he not lose some of the sensitivity? Can he be sensitive inside and be indifferent to the outer world? Wholly indifferent without compassion?

Surely, you must see people that work you up to a rage, people who are unjust, people who are corrupt, people who can do terrible things out of sheer ignorance; the armies of hate.

There are times when I am distraught.

Acharya Prashant: Laugh and take the test of despondency. It is beautiful that you are considered worth testing.

Accept that people are unjust, accept that they are corrupt, accept that they are ignorant.

They are, they actually are.

Before the Ego says "Do something about it", let's watch. They actually are unjust, they actually are corrupt, they actually are ignorant. What to do? Let's better laugh than frown!

They are, they actually are.

When the individual mind is without peace, it corrupts. A society of corrupt minds is a corrupt society. What to do? Look at our smallness in peace, then maybe something will just happen.

But firstly let's just accept. Among the infinite pictures that Maya shows, this one too is worth watching. Unjust, corrupt, ignorant.

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