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The only thing that deserves respect ||Neem Candies

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There are many who say, “You know, eating flesh is alright.” If eating flesh is alright, why is it not all right to eat human flesh? A line is drawn between the human being and the animal. You say, “No, the human being cannot be eaten because he is highly conscious.”

I want you to draw the line between an apple and the animal. You are anyway drawing a line. It is not that you eat flesh wherever it is available. Why don’t you kill a human baby if flesh is all that you want? Why don’t even habitual flesh eaters eat human babies or human beings? It does not occur to them, right? I am asking them to introspect—why don’t you eat human beings? You don’t eat human beings because human beings are conscious, because human beings are hungry of liberation.

Consciousness is your only hope and consciousness is your only savior. Therefore, you do not want to disrespect consciousness by killing a conscious being.

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