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The huge problem with feminism || Neem Candies
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Acharya Prashant
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The problem is, the usual feminism always proceeds keeping the man at the center. The woman is saying, “The man is alright, and I want to be like the man.” This is such a low standard to set. Whereas, true feminism would proceed keeping the person that the female is, her real potential, at the center.

These are two very different things. One is, “I am pegging it here, where the man is. I want to be here.” The other is, “I am pegging it here”—and what is this? “Irrespective of what the man is, this is my true potential as a person. Two hoots to the man!” This is true feminism.

If the woman is constantly thinking of the man, whether as a suitor or as a competitor, she is still in the shadow of the man.

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