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The big self-delusion || Neem Candies
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Acharya Prashant
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The meat eater is a self-deluder. You cannot eat meat without firstly lying to yourself. He will not want to know what the reality of meat consumption is. He will not want to know how animals are kept and how they are slaughtered. He will not know what the conditions of milch cattle are. He will just want to happily and blissfully, in complete ignorance, consume packaged meat or packaged milk or milk products.

It has to be shown to him what is it that he is really putting into his mouth, from where is it coming, what’s the process. It is not a factory product, it is not coming from a conveyor belt; it is life. You must see what that life has to go through, and how that life ends just to satisfy your taste buds.

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