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The Absolute is known when you know consciousness itself || On Advait Vedanta (2019)
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Questioner: Is everything happening in the realm of consciousness, and the Absolute lies outside of that realm unaffected?

Acharya Prashant: The first part of the question is valid, the second one is merely speculative, of no help.

Yes, all that is happening or not happening is all within the domain of consciousness. What is outside that domain? A dishonest consciousness—dishonest because it is still consciousness but is calling itself as beyond consciousness.

So, consciousness says, “Oh, this is my domain, and then beyond me is the Absolute.” No, beyond consciousness is dishonest consciousness. If you can conceptualize it, speak of it, imagine it, describe it, even hint at it, it is still good old consciousness. It is not Absolute.

Limit yourself to consciousness and learn about the ways of consciousness. If you can learn the ways of consciousness, that is the blessing of Absolute.

The Absolute cannot be known the way objects in consciousness are. The Absolute is known when you know consciousness itself.

Absolute is not just another thing in the consciousness. Absolute is when you go to the very roots of consciousness. And how do you do that? You do that by beginning where you are.

You are in consciousness. You are conscious. You are surrounded by consciousness. All this that you perceive, including yourself, the world, your relationships, things, this, that—know what they are. And if you can deeply, rightly, honestly know, that is Absoluteness.

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