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Sweet outside, raucous inside || Neem Candies
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In the office you are Mr. Nice; in front of the wife you are Mr. Submissive; then in the bar you will be the most raucous and unmanageable drinker, breaking bottles, throwing tantrums, inviting brawls.

The mind knows that it is suffering in one condition, but it is not intelligent enough to know that the opposite condition is no better. And even if it does know theoretically, it cannot help it because the mind lives in dualities.

“So, if I do not like A, the only option that I have is to move to the opposite of A.” The mind does not have the option to move beyond A.

So, sitting here it starts feeling suffocated, it jumps to this place. Here again it feels equally suffocated, and it again jumps to this place and this and this and this and this… This is what we call as life. The option to sublimate, to rise beyond A and B somehow does not come to the mind. It is possible, but it does not come so easily.

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