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Spirituality is the art of supreme nonsense || Acharya Prashant (2016)
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Questioner (Q): Why do you talk to people like this?

Acharya Prashant (AP): There is this tree out there and it has a few leaves and when the wind blows the leaves also blow. Let’s together go and ask the leaves why do they blow like this?

Q: Trees don’ talk.

AP: Ah! We don’t listen.

Q: They don’t talk in English.

AP: Why must you be so tied to English? Don’t you know ‘Treeish’?

Q: This is what you imagine.

AP: No, ‘Treeish’ is a language. Have you not heard of it?

Q: No. Is it the language in which trees talk?

AP: Of course!

Everybody knows this language, even those kids know that. You forgot. You started knowing so much else that you forgot the language of the trees. Have you ever talked to your dog? Never?

Don’t you have a dog?

Q: No.

AP: Too bad! What do you have?

Q: Walls.

AP: Have you never talked to them?

Q: No.

AP: People will say, “You are mad”? Social opprobrium! "How do I talk to walls like a madman?"

Preetam talks!

Q: He talks to walls?

AP: He talks even to walls when there are no walls.


Q: That doesn’t make any sense.


Spirituality is the art of supreme nonsense. So become comfortable with something nonsensical. If you are too tied to sensibility, then you will be tied to your insanity.

Q: So, you don’t know why you talk to the people?

AP: I have already told — for the same reason the leaf dances in the wind. Looking for a purpose, some profit, some motive, some missing statement, something to do, something to achieve, what does this guy want? What is he after? What is he chasing? Maybe something, maybe something. Maybe nothing. Who knows?

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