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So much interest in pain? || Neem Candies
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If you are watching pain, then you are interested in pain. If you are not watching pain, then you are even more interested in pain.

Go to a dispensary where kids are being vaccinated. When the needle goes in, some of them very keenly watch it, don’t they? “Oh, the needle is going in!” Why? Because they are interested in the process; they feel they have a stake in the process. So, they keep watching the needle. “Oh, the needle is going in!” Aghast!

And then there are some who are so interested in the process that they get terrified. And when the needle goes in, they start looking elsewhere. “It is such a deadly sight—we do not even want to look at it!”

Whether you are watching the needle go in, or whether you are avoiding the needle go in, you are interested in the needle in both the cases.

How come you have so much time to watch pain? Why aren’t you occupied with something else? I assure you, right now some part of my body is paining. Am I watching it? Not at all. Am I not watching it? Even that is not true. I am just elsewhere.

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