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Mr. Hormones! ||Neem Candies
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Acharya Prashant
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Have you ever seen somebody come up and say, “You know what, my hormones get activated on looking at you”? The fellow does not say that because he does not realize that. Instead he says, “Darling, I have fallen for you. It’s love!”

Have you ever seen anybody falling in love at the age of six? Why does love always happen at sixteen? Don’t you see it is not love? It is just chemistry, one chemical trying to meet with another chemical, male-chemical, female-chemical—and explosion!

It is as funny as this. But you don’t let it remain funny—you make it serious. Don’t you make it serious? And then you sing so serious songs—tears, heartbreaks and everything. It is just as funny as your laughters are right now.

Next time somebody comes and proposes to you, laugh like this: “Ho ho ho! Mr. Hormones!”

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