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Living in a sick world || Neem Candies
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It is extremely important to see and realize that we are living in an extremely sick world. What you read in the newspapers is sick. What you see around yourself is sick. The markets are sick. The shopping malls are sick. The streets are bustling with sickness. Educational institutions, political and social institutions, economic institutions, they are all brimming with sickness. When you open the TV-set, what do you see? Do you see images of health, or do you see the same game of ambition, fear, insecurity, competitiveness, greed, jealousy, possessiveness? What do you see?

That, of course, is disappointing; one doesn’t like that, but one cannot evade the fact. But if you are surrounded with that all the time, it is bound to affect you.

My question to you is: even if the world is that rotten, do you want to live that way? The world may be that rotten, but do you want to live that way? Do you want to participate in that? Do you want to spend your life in all that? Do you want to spend your life there?

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