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Live with your loneliness, live with your disgust || (2016)
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Questioner (Q): Can one be lonely even while being immersed?

Acharya Prashant (AP): Yes, of course. See, it is not a question of ‘Can one be or not?’, Whatever is there, is there. It is there, now, live with it; acknowledge it. Live with it without hoping for a change and then, let change happen if it has to.

Neither ask for it nor block it. Live with it without resentment, without resistance.

Q: But there is a disgust associated with that.

AP: Live with that disgust.

Disgust may be there but it is not mandatory upon you to be disgusted by the disgust.

It is not merely a wordplay, what I am saying is something real, experiential. Let the disgust be there, ‘Of course, the disgust is there, and it’s alright’.

The more you are comfortable with the disgust the more you will find that disgust finds no more purpose in living further.

Disgust came to disgust you and you are not disgusted, so, disgust commits suicide.


Disgust is defeated. It is only when you have role models, ideals and you compare your situations against them that you feel disgusted in relativity, in comparison. You say, ‘It should not have been like this, it should be like this, and that gives me disgust! It is so disgusting that it is not the way it should have been. Oh! that is disgusting.’

The moment you accept the disgust, you have accepted that it is just the way it should have been. Now, disgust is gone.

Disgust thrives on resentment.

If you are not resentful, what will disgust do? Beat around for a while, stamp its feet, curse you, and then?

Go away.

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