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Let the false go away
Author Acharya Prashant
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Question: Dear Sir, I was meeting an old friend yesterday and was terribly dejected because in my judgment, I found him to have compromised severely on everything! What I mean to say is that everyone I know has moved away from the source: from themselves, from reality.

This saddens and disappoints me. On good days I consider myself fortunate and I experience aloneness to be a virtue, and on bad days I experience loneliness and perhaps also a realization that their fears are my own even if their desires are not!

Answer: You are dissociating from the false.

For a while, you will be disappointed. Falseness served an important function in your life. It provided you with the illusion of a filling substance.

When falseness goes, there is an initial internal vacuüm. One almost wishes that the false were not false.

At this stage, now, let me caution you. Yes, a vacuüm will be created. If you look closely at your disappointment, you will find you are not comfortable with the ‘going away’ of the false. After attention one requires courage, because attention often reveals the false as false.

However, you must not be in a hurry to fill up this vacuüm. Let it be. Do not let ‘positive’ things fill up the space created by the going away of the ‘negative things’.

Watch the vacuüm. It is lovely. You have been unburdened of a false world.

Initially, there is disappointment. Then there is apathy, indifference, because one recedes into himself with little cognizance of what is happening outside.

Then when there is internal fullness, one again returns outside, this time with empathy.

Enjoy the vacuüm.

-Based on my interactions on various e-media.

Dated: 27th September,’11

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