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Knowing transforms the sexual urge || Neem Candies
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Who are the ones who always keep salivating? The singles. But meet someone who is in a relationship—he won’t want to look at girls, or boys for that matter. He would say, “One is more than enough. Can’t handle one! Who wants two, three, or six?”

Once you come close the fantasy is gone. Start living together, and you would find that sex and all such urges have actually diminished. Really know what a man or a woman is, and then see what happens to your perpetual sexual urge. The urge, then, would not be that of a depraved monster. Even if you have sex after that, it would have a different quality, a different fragrance.

Mostly the quality of our sexual encounters is that of rape, exploitation. Man is the only creature that fucks the entire year-round. That is the quality of our sex. We never have enough because we do not know what we are doing.

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