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Its great you do not know how Grace works || Acharya Prashant (2019)
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Question: Acharya Ji, I am finding for the last few months that when we are honest and move in the right direction, things get aligned to help us move in that direction.

For instance, coming across your videos and watching them was pure luck. It doesn’t look like that I did any extra effort to reach that stage. This happens so often that it looks magical. It happens very often that questions that are going on in my mind get answered by you during the live Satsangs. I don’t know how to take that. I just consider it as Grace and just move forward.

But sometimes this keeps going on in my mind – ‘How are these things happening?’ This question keeps going on in my mind. Acharya Ji, can you please help me reconcile all this?

Acharya Prashant Ji: I hope you never get an answer to this question. Otherwise that which is coming to you, will stop coming.

If you get an answer to a question, then the answer belongs to the same dimension as the question. The question is from the little mind, That which is coming to you is from somewhere else.

If you get an answer, the mind will become closed. All it will then get is that which is already inside it. That which is coming from a place that you cannot know of, you cannot comprehend, will then become unavailable to you. Rather, you will become unavailable to it.

Questioner: So, is it right to just not to look into it, and just let it be?

Acharya Prashant Ji: You can wonder about it, but never try to get a definitive answer. Not getting an answer is wonderful in such matters, coming to an answer and settling down with it is disastrous.

It’s like you have unravelled the Mystical, which is both impossible and highly dangerous. First of all it cannot happen, and secondly if you have convinced yourself that it has happened in your case, then the belief would do you a lot of harm.

So just tell yourself, “These things happen. It cannot be known how they happen. And it better not be known how they happen. I do not want to bring Grace down to the level of ordinary, confined knowledge.”

Questioner: We also spoke about that if we want to choose, if we want to ask, we must ask for freedom from the mind. This ‘ask’ also happens through mind. Is it like that even the intention to ask is…..?

Acharya Prashant Ji: It is not the ‘intention’, it is the mind’s core nature.

The mind’s core nature is Joy. Therefore when there is suffering, you do not need ‘intention’ to be free from suffering.

Suffering is experienced only when you do not want to suffer. Let us say that suffering is agreeable, then would you still call it ‘suffering’? If suffering is agreeable, would there be any experience of suffering?

Pain will be experienced, suffering won’t be there.

So the very experience of suffering tells you that suffering is not your nature, otherwise you won’t have suffered. The very instance of suffering tells you of what your nature is. Your nature is to not to suffer at all, and that’s why suffering is dislike-able.

Questioner: And if someone is not really asking for such a thing, how do we help them ask?

Acharya Prashant Ji: You have to present something by way of example. Their nature too is not to suffer, it’s just that it is somehow possible to forget one’s nature for a while. It is possible to become so conditioned to suffering that you start agreeing to it, rather you start inviting suffering.

Then you just have to present an example.

You can keep a bird in cage for so long, and since it’s very birth, that it may kind of forget to fly. So even when you bring it out of the cage, it just sits. It refuses to unfold it’s wings. Then in such cases, it helps to keep this bird in the company of free birds.

When it sees that there are others who can fly, it is reminded of something.

That is the power of Satsangati (company).

Be in the company of those who live in their nature, they will remind you of something. They will remind you who you are, what your potential is. What life possibly can be.

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