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International Womens Day: Together they suffer and together they will celebrate
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There is nothing called woman’s liberation in isolation.

Woman is oppressed and the man too is oppressed, albeit in a different way.

Woman’s liberation is man’s liberation.

They will always be together.

Together they suffer.And together they will celebrate.

In fact, woman’s bondage is when she wants freedom for herself without caring for man’s freedom.

And man’s bondage is when he wants freedom for himself without caring for woman’s freedom.

Their attempts to have freedom only for themselves are their bondage.

When the man tries to go ahead in freedom, leaving the woman behind, that is bondage for both.

When the woman tries to have her nest, and calls to the man midway in his flight, that is bondage for both.

Man and woman are two ends of duality, and both will meet the same fate. One end cannot fly away in isolation, just as one leg cannot reach the destination when the other is held behind in bondage.

They are together, and in their togetherness lies their Joy.

Woman’s liberation movements and men’s movements are both but an ignorant continuation of the age old tradition of self-centred and isolationist beliefs that focus exclusively on the welfare of one segment only, while remaining indifferent to the segment’s organic linkages with the other segments, remaining indifferent to all those labelled as others, and hence inevitably end up adding to the graveyard of mankind’s colossal failures.

Woman cries because she cannot be with the man.

Man cries because he does not know the woman.

Man and woman are not genders.

All that seeks companionship is woman, all that seeks realisation is man.

She is love, he is awareness.

There is no love without awareness.

Let both know, let both be with each other. In that alone lies liberation for both.

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