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Imaginary fear || Neem Candies
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It is not anxiety that bothers you. It is your anxiety about anxiety. Just as we are afraid of so many things, we are also fearful of fear. “What if I become afraid?” Similarly, we are anxious about anxiety.

Now, is there anything here, right now, that makes you anxious? Still you talk about it because you are anxious about being anxious.

Let anxiety come and go. Why must you resist it? Why must you plan to kill it?

Is anxiety here right now? No. But do you see what you are doing? You are planning behind its back, like a soldier, like a fighter.

Is anxiety here right now? Are you anxious right now? You are not. But the very thought of anxiety is making you anxious.

So, is it really about anxiety, or about the imagination that you have anxiety, the name that you given to anxiety? Please go into this.

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