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Having kids is a personal matter? || Neem Candies
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Acharya Prashant
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A fellow reproducing blindly is a threat to the entire humanity. How is his family his personal matter? Somebody sets a bomb inside his home, and the bomb is powerful enough to bring down the entire building, not merely his apartment. Will you say, “It is his private matter. How can I interfere? These are personal choices. We have to respect personal choices!”

These are not personal choices anymore. If you are reproducing, you are bringing down entire humanity.

So, you have to be more than gentle now. And that does not mean cruelty; that means more compassion, more energetic action coming from deeper compassion and deeper sense of responsibility. You will have to give up the notion that these are, first of all, personal choices. No, not personal choices. What you are doing has an effect on me. How is it your personal matter?

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