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God is what you want more than anything else || Acharya Prashant (2019)
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Question: Acharya Ji, Pranaam ! I have a six year old son. Me and my husband regularly discuss on lot of issues, after watching your videos. My son has observed that we use words like ‘God’, ‘Truth’, ‘Love’ very often.

Many times, he approaches me and asks, “What is ‘Love’?” and “What is ‘God’?” We really don’t know what reply to give to him.

Please advice.

Acharya Prashant Ji:

If you can explain these things (God, Truth, Love) to a six year old, then you really know. If you can’t explain them to a six year old, then all you have is, words.

So, the kids to come to the mother.

Questioner: He asks me such questions, and sometimes to his Dad as well.

Acharya Prashant Ji:

“How do you feel when Muma is far away?”

“Not good.”

“How do you feel when you are with Muma?”


This ‘goodness’ is God. ‘God’ is – that which you want.

“So Muma, if I want a chocolate, is God a chocolate?”

“When you want a chocolate, and I show you a toffee, what do you do? You ignore the toffee, and rush towards the chocolate. When you want a lovely toy, and I show a chocolate, what do you do? You ignore the chocolate and rush towards the toy.”

‘God’ is that, which you want more than all other things.

“You want the chocolate, for sure. But do you want the chocolate more than anything else?”

“No Muma.”

“Do you want the chocolate, more than you want Muma?”

“No Muma.”

“So, God is not chocolate.”

“So Muma, are you God?”

“If you want me more than everything else, then yes. If you seriously want me, more than everything else, then I am God.”

“Muma, if I start wanting something even more intensely than I want you, then?”

“Then, ‘that’ is God.”

God is not a concept, or an ideal. God is the root of our daily experiences. So how is it possible that you will not be able to bring or explain God to a six-year old? The six-year old, too, is pining and longing for God, in his own way.

Why do you think the new born cries?Superficially, it is for the mother and the feed.Deeply, it is for God. Why do you think you are asking this question?Superficially, for an answer.Deeply, for God. Why do you think we eat, live, breathe?Superficially, for something.Deeply, only for God.

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