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For health, firstly realize that you are sick || Neem Candies
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The first thing to be known is, where do I stand? Only when I clearly see that I stand at a point of tension, confusion, inner conflict, jealousy, hatred, lovelessness, do I realize that I want to reach a point where I would be free of all these things. If I do not realize that I am sick, how can I ask for health?

So, first of all, there has to be self-observation, and that self-observation leads to an urge to be free of bondages. Once these two are there, then you also know, by the definition of your condition, what path you can take.

Sadly, in the whole process, commonly people just do not begin with self-observation; they begin with an imagined picture of divinity. They say, “Oh, there is something called great spiritual peace that we want to attain!”

Why do you want to attain peace if you first of all do not see that you are tense and surrounded and chaotic within?

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