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Does attachment hurt you? || Neem Candies
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Attachment would forever remain a problem with someone if he sees himself as the body. Now, you want freedom from attachment, but you don’t want freedom from body-centricity. That cannot happen.

For example, you are highly lustful, or gluttonous, or physically lazy, whatever; or let’s say you are very particular about you looking handsome. All these things pertain to the body. Now, you live a very body-centered life; obviously you will be someone who will be very, very susceptible to attachment. But then, attachment hurts when the object you are attached to cannot be obtained.

Body-centricity does not hurt. Lust does not hurt. Laziness does not hurt. Getting complimented on your looks does not hurt. Those things don’t hurt, so you continue with them. Attachment hurts, so you want to drop attachment. But attachment cannot be dropped if you continue with those things.

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