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Do dogs trouble you? || Neem Candies
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The world is all yours if you are first of the world’s master. Have you gone to people who have dogs? If you are on good terms with the master of the dog, the dog comes and wags its tail in front of you. The dog says, “If you are good to my master, I will be good to you.” That is what the world also says: “If you are good to my master, I will be good to you.”

So, the godly man enjoys the world. The world itself is heaven for the godly man. You are embracing the dog’s master, and the dog is licking your feet. And if you are at odds with the dog’s master, then the dog is barking and chasing you, and you are saying, “Oh, the world is a place of torment!”

The world is going to be to you just what you are to the world’s master. If you are devoted to the world’s master, the world will be devoted to you.

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