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Climate activism or climate hypocrisy || Neem Candies

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It is very well known that one tree over the course of forty years would absorb just one ton of carbon dioxide, and that is if that tree lives to get forty years old. How effective is that? Please. One tree over forty years absorbs one ton of carbon dioxide. In one year, how much does it absorb? 0.025 tons. Whereas, having one less child causes a difference of sixty tons per year.

Now, do you want to plant trees happily and then go home and have a child? One child is sixty tons per year, and one tree is 0.025 tons per year. But by planting a tree, you start feeling that you have done your bit, and you feel very happy. Now you can go on a date, get married, and then, obviously, you will have kids. This is the kind of thing I become very unhappy with.

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