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Buffalo milk? Yak milk? Camel milk? || Neem Candies
Author Acharya Prashant
Acharya Prashant
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Man is the only one who wants to drink cow milk, buffalo milk, goat milk, yak milk, camel milk. Camel milk is for the camel offspring. Buffalo’s milk is for the calf. So, what kind of ingredients is the buffalo milk likely to have? The ones that are suitable only to the buffalo calf.

Remember, those ingredients are suitable only to the calf, the little calf. What will those ingredients do? They will quickly turn the little calf into the full-grown bull. Is that what you wanted to become—a bull with a huge body and very little brains? That’s what milk will do to you.

Milk has nothing for you. The milk that a human being needs is adequately provided only by his or her mother. And once the mother stops breastfeeding, that is it. Now the human child needs no more milk.

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