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Beyondness ||Neem Candies
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One is restless, one is restless, one is restless, and then one starts dedicating himself to something bigger, something larger. And the bigger cause consumes so much attention, time, energy, that one is left with no space to complain or wonder whether one is internally fulfilled.

You say, “Even if I remain unfulfilled, it is a small matter. I might be happy, I might be sad; the work I have taken is bigger than my little happiness and sadness. It does not quite matter how I am feeling. I am unfulfilled? Oh, probably I am. But I just forgot that.” This is beyondness.

“Am I unfulfilled? Probably I still am. But who cares? I have better things to take care of.” This is fulfillment.

When thoughts of your personal success stop mattering to you, when you say, “There is something more important than my personal success,” then you have really succeeded.

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