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Beyond success and failure || Neem Candies
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Success and failure are two sides of the same coin. The one who does not believe in success can never fail. The one who does not believe in failure can never succeed. You first have to believe in the concept of ‘success’ and ‘failure’ in order to succeed or fail.

So, these two fellows are just the same. Do you know who these two are? These two are the ones who are running a race. Both of them live in an imaginary world where something called ‘success’ and ‘failure’ exist. One of them succeeds, one of them fails, and there is no great difference between the two because both of them are essentially running a race. It is a matter of time and chance and circumstances that one succeeds and one fails. And obviously, in a race, somebody has to succeed and somebody has to fail. We do not want to talk of these two; these two are worthless.

All that is valuable in life has never been brought about by those who were chasing success. Everything that is valuable, worthy, and beautiful is a creation of those who were not wanting to be successful, who were just busy dancing.

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