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Beyond passion || Neem Candies
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Passion is as much an external thing as, let’s say, peer pressure. Somebody chooses his work or occupation going by market forces or peer pressure or family pressure, and then there is someone who says, “I am choosing my passion for my livelihood”; these two are hardly different. Even if one is better than the other, it’s only marginally so.

Then there is a decision that comes from the center of understanding. You realize what is valuable, you realize what is life-affirmative, and you find it missing. You find that there is something that needs to be promoted, something that needs to be done, and then you do it not because you want to do it, but because you must do it. You don’t do it because it is something quite attractive or remunerative; you do it because it needs to be done. There is no option. It is a call, it is a sacred duty. You cannot avoid it. And only then is the work chosen by you really appropriate.

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