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Beware of such a job || Neem Candies
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That’s one mark of a toxic organization: people would be all required to wear a certain uniformity. Speaking your heart out would be unwelcome. You would be encouraged to be a regular fellow, you know, not one of the outliers. The moment you digress a little, you will be called a maverick. They will say, “No, no, we are a very disciplined and a professional organization. We do not want mavericks; we want disciplined machines.”

You are not in the office to talk heart; you are in the office to talk work, and that clearly means that there is no heart in the work. And that’s why it is required to have a watertight separation between personal and professional life. That’s the second mark of the toxic organization: it will say, “Personally you can be anything, but professional you must be a regular guy.” The real organization will find it very difficult to keep your personal and professional self separate.

You want to be in one of such places? Really?

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