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A toddler on the job! || Neem Candies
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Were you born thinking of a job? Was that the first thing you said to the nurse? “How and where can I get a job, please?”

Nobody is ever born with fear. Fear has been given to us. Who implanted this fear in your mind? Society, and these movies, and all that you keep hearing in the home, and all the pressure—that particular cousin has landed a nice job of x lakhs, all that thing about CTC and packages—and you are hearing it wide-eyed: “Huh? I am also supposed to do that, and if I don’t do that, I am worthless, finished!”

Fear is a thought given to you by somebody else. You have the right whether to take that thought or whether to drop that thought. You have that power. Exercise that power. “If I do not want to be afraid, nobody can make me afraid.” Do not give them that permission, and then you will never be afraid.

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