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A fanboy of Kabir Sahib || Neem Candies
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Such fantastic mastery is rarely seen elsewhere. Obviously, you get glimpses of it in many other places as well. I respect all of them; all of them are very, very dear to me; I worship them. But when it comes to Kabir Sahib, I said I am a fanboy. When he speaks, when he sings, I can just stand and clap all day.

Brute honesty and childlike simplicity—how can you put these two together? Kabir Sahib does. I sometimes say to the ones around me, if I am very unwell and dying, don’t offer me Ganga Jal (holy water) and all that; just sing Kabir to me. Not that that would take me to heaven; that might actually make me get up! I am not interested in heavens, svarga . But if you bring Kabir Sahib to me, chances are that I will just spring back to my feet.

He is the greatest scholar of Advaita that the world has known. And he is also the greatest devotee when he says Rama.

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