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A celebrity couple gives birth ||Neem Candies
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A celebrity couple gives birth. Now, rabbits give birth. Same thing. But the media keeps splashing the face of this kid, this baby incessantly—incessantly! A thousand more women are then influenced, rather compelled to give birth. The media is constantly telling you, “Look at this baby. This is what you need! This is what would give you happiness. This is what would give you the headlines as well.”

Now, what’s there in that kid? All kids are the same. And the kid’s ex-celebrity mother might actually be out of business these days, having no work. But the kid affords the headlines to her as well. So she is happy, you see: “Otherwise, who would have talked of me? Who would have kept me relevant? But this one is keeping me fully relevant.” Teach the kids that this is the worst way to become relevant.

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