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Your Heart's Deepest Desire
That which you really want
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Your Heart's Deepest Desire, a book which paves your way towards who you really are. Isn't desire something we all have? Is there anyone of us who doesn't desire? Are we ever able to understand the root of it? We all have desired a lot of objects in our lives, and the more we see it, we will find the objects have kept on changing but the tendency to desire is still there. With lucid and calming words of Acharya Prashant one reaches to the very Heart of desiring.
1. Whatever the mind seeks can never be beyond the mind 2. The false desires the Truth in desiring the disappearance of Truth 3. Dropping desire is just another desire; knowing desire is fulfillment of desire 4. Whose desires are you chasing? 5. Do you know why you desire? 6. The power of desire is the power you are using to suppress it
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