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Women's revolution
A spiritual vision beyond gender parity
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Liberation movements seldom serve the purpose if the mind of the individual is not liberated.

One such movement is the Women's Liberation Movement that aims to give political and social equality to women, but doesn't address the reason that causes all enslavement in the first place.

Objectification of the woman leads to her enslavement. The world exploits her by reducing her to merely a physical object; and she cannot fight the exploitation till she remains identified with her physicality.

Acharya Prashant compassionately suggests the right place of the body, its urges, and throws light on the path for the liberation of the mind of the woman.

In author's words: A woman rises from being an object of lust to a deity worth worshiping when she drops her womanliness.
1. How to know that one is not the body? 2. To take the body seriously is to allow the world to control you 3. What is meant by, ‘dropping the body’? 4. Know the body, don't say no to the body 5. Consequences of living as the body and mind 6. The body must live only to express the Heart
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