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This book contains the first series of commentaries on Adi Shankaracharya's masterful introductory treatise to Advaita Vedanta, Vivekachudamani (the crest-jewel of discretion). The scripture is written in a manner that is logical and easy to grasp, making it a must-read for all who wish to have a taste of Vedantic wisdom and deepen their self-knowledge in its light. In these commentaries, Acharya Prashant guides us through Shankaracharya's opus by answering questions coming from seekers who wish to gain clarity on particular verses or understand their life better in the context of the scripture's prevalent themes. He guides the audience to a clear and simple understanding of their application for daily living and spiritual practice. If you wish to know yourself and discover your hidden potential, or just sharpen your fundamentals of Vedanta, this book is for you.
1. Devotion is the admission of one’s greatest defeat 2. She is the dance, He is the stillness 3. If the medicine is working, complete the course 4. The Heart knows no attachment 5. Death is the punishment for keeping the wrong company 6. The one for whom there are no distinctions
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