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The way of assured Success
In the light of spiritual wisdom.
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Everybody wants to be successful. But do we know success? It is not uncommon that those who are the most successful on worldly standards are internally far from contentment, satisfaction and fulfillment. At the same time, those who consider themselves unsuccessful keep running after success and achievement, without ever asking the most fundamental question: are they actually chasing something worth having?

Our outdated concepts have to be examined and re-aligned. This book is a compilation of discourses on the themes of success, right work, achievement, and the ultimate goal of life, where Acharya Prashant shows us that these seemingly different topics are not only related, but actually converge into one when inspected in the light of spiritual wisdom.
1. Two types of successes, choose yours 2. Success and failure 3. The way to assured success 4. Is hard work the key to success? 5. There is nothing called ‘my success’ 6. Does success depend on hard work or luck?
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