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The Beautiful Heart
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In the language of spirituality, the word ‘Heart’ has a special significance. Instead of pointing towards some kind of an emotional center, it stands for something more essential, a particular quality of one's mind.

Nowadays, sayings like ‘listen to your heart’ or ’follow your heart’ have gained much popularity, and in many places the so-called ‘voice of the heart’ is being advocated as something more desirable in comparison to ‘the voice of the mind’. But what precisely is this 'heart' by which one is supposed to be living?

In the discourses of The Beautiful Heart, Acharya Prashant strips the word from its usual meaning, elucidates its right context, and reveals to us what it truly means to live by the Heart.
1. The Heart or the mind–whom to listen to? 2. The beautiful voice of the Heart 3. What takes you to your beautiful Heart is beautiful 4. Do you know the Heart’s deepest desire? 5. Pay the price of living by the Heart 6. How to get the courage to live by the Heart?
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