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On Parenting
To raise a kid, raise yourself first
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The quality of parenting plays a critical role in everybody's development, and a lot of our sufferings have their roots in our upbringing and familial relationships. The child mirrors what has been explicitly or implicitly taught, and usually what happens is that despite all the good intentions of the parents, the child later on exhibits what the upbringing has explicitly tried to prevent. In this book, Acharya Prashant explores the question of right parenting and parent-child relationship with questioners of varying backgrounds and life situations. He argues and proves that right and authentic parenting can be founded only on a spiritual foundation of wisdom, and that the child can be raised only by someone who has first of all raised herself. On Parenting is an invaluable guide for all who wish to halt the primaeval ignorance moving blindly from generation to generation and meet themselves and their children as real individuals.
1. Conceive the child only in love 2. aking care of a child and earning an income 3. How to help one’s child learn great values? 4. The right role of parents in the life of the child 5. On leaving behind money for one’s children, and other responsibilities 6. To raise a kid, raise yourself first
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