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Niralamba Upanishad (Vol. 1)
Commentaries by Acharya Prashant
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Niralamba Upanishad is a concise scripture that delves into the fundamental concepts of spirituality through a series of questions and answers. It is regarded as the glossary of the Upanishads and is absolutely recommended for anyone who seeks familiarity with Advaita Vedanta. This book contains the first five sessions on these verses. Each verse is opened up separately and put into the right context and perspective for the seeker. Going from the very fundamentals up to the very heights of spiritual wisdom, this book holistically touches and delves into all aspects one has to take into account in everyday spiritual practice and utilization of scriptures.
1. Shanti Path 2. Reverence to Shiva (Verse 1) 3. The questioner and the questions (Verse 2, 3) 4. What is Brahma? (Verse 4.1) 5. Who is God? (Verse 4.2) 6. Who is living being? (Verse 5)
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