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Mundaka Upanishad
Volume 2
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Embedded within the Atharva Veda, Mundaka Upanishad is one of the primary Upanishads. Its 64 verses expound the core wisdom of Vedic philosophy, including the nature of knowledge and reality, the workings of the mind and its tendencies, and instruction that the seeker requires to lead a life dedicated to the Truth. This book contains commentaries on the second section of the Mundaka Upanishad. Acharya Prashant invites us to take a leap into the unknown depths of our being with the help of the ancient sages of India. He deconstructs the verses with unmatched scientific finesse and lucidity, and provides us the much-needed critical analysis that is required for contemporary application and correct interpretation. All seekers who wish to gain depth in understanding and live life in the light of Vedanta will benefit from these discourses immensely. Approach the Upanishads without bias, and you will find that their wisdom is timeless, that their clarity is unparalleled. Even though thousands of years have passed since their composition, their song is still fresh; it has known no decay. Their song is that of silence, and that silence is of the Beyond.Now is the time for you to hear it.This book is recommended to be read in succession with Mundaka Upanishad volume 1.
1. Truth of things (Verse 2.1.1) 2. Beyond the beyond (Verse 2.1.2) 3. You and the body (Verse 2.1.3) 4. Facts and figures (Verse 2.1.4) 5. The most beautiful, the most terrifying (Verse 2.1.5) 6. The highest of acts come from the highest within (Verse 2.1.6)
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